Ultherapy is a safe and fast treatment for reversing the effects of time and gravity on your face. This is the only FDA-cleared non-surgical procedure approved for lifting the skin. This sophisticated new technology can lift the eyebrows, neck, under-chin, and decolletage lines. Rather than going under the knife for a facelift, ultherapy offers you an “uplift” that will lift, tighten, and tone your skin.

Proprietary ultrasound technology allows technicians to see which layers of tissue are being targeted during treatment. With ultrasound technology instead of heat, the procedure is guaranteed to penetrate to the deepest levels, stimulating collagen growth without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Ultherapy can be targeted to treat specific area. Customized treatment of problem spots will create a healthier, younger version of you. You are unique, and your treatment should reflect that.

During treatment, you will experience deep pulsing vibrations. Patients usually find this tolerable, and few people describe the sensation as painful. We recommend taking an over-the-counter pain reliever such as Motrin to help minimize any discomfort.

The treatment will typically last between 60-90 minutes for face and neck treatments, and about 30 minutes for the chest area. Collagen will be built up over the next 2-3 weeks. There is no downtime associated, so you can return to your day immediately.

This is one of the fastest-growing anti-aging technologies available. To learn more about the amazing age-defying results obtained with Ultherapy, contact Clinical Aesthetics and make an appointment with us today.

Ultherapy Villa Park

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