The sprawling redness that creeps across your features. The spidery red and purple lines that creep across your cheeks and nose. The blue and green veins that sit at your temples, jawline, or around your eyes. All of these are caused by abnormal veins.

All of them can be removed easily and painlessly with laser therapy.

This powerful technology removes abnormal and broken veins that lay too close to the surface. Your body will reroute blood to more appropriate vessels, so there is no damage to your health. Our advanced laser targets and destroys veins while passing harmlessly through your skin.

The procedure is fast, and is usually done within 20 minutes. You can return to your daily routine without worrying about recovery time. Most people tolerate the treatment without any kind of anesthesia or pain reliever. There are no injections, chemicals, or invasive methods required to achieve amazing results.

What causes veins to appear on the face?

Veins can typically appear anywhere on the face. The factors that contribute to them appearing on the face are different than those that lead to appearances on the legs and other areas. The red, bluish threads result from impacted or injured veins or capillaries. While harmless numerous patients have concerns about them in terms of aesthetic appearance. The following factors contribute to facial vein development: venous deficiency, age, rosacea, free radicals, and lifestyle.


  • Aging
  • Venous Deficiency
  • Lifestyle
  • Rosacea


Aging can lead to weakened skin, making veins more noticeable. Rosacea causes prolonged dilation or irritation that places more pressure on the veins and capillaries. Lifestyle can also be a factor in that the choices an individual makes can affect the function and recovery of their veins.

Some patients will see immediate results after only one session. You will have a customized treatment plan tailored to your needs, so you may need two or more sessions to get full results.

To find out more about laser therapy for facial veins, call Clinical Aesthetics at (714) 627-5677 to make an appointment for your consultation today.

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