Living an active outdoor lifestyle may help keep your body fit, but the damage of the sun’s ultraviolet light can leave permanent markings that age you beyond your years. These brown, grey, and black spots, known as “age spots,” “liver spots,” or “solar lentigines” can detract from your appearance and harm your self esteem. 

The most common places to develop age spots are areas that get the most sun exposure. Your face, arms, shoulders, and upper back are most likely to be affected. The spots will be flat and have the same texture as the rest of your skin. 

How does intense pulse light therapy treat age spots?

Laser and intense pulsed light therapy works to disrupt the source of the problem – melanocytes. These are cells that produce melanin. IPL targets these cells and destroys them without creating damage to the surface of the skin. Following treatment, the age spots will experience a gradual reduction in appearance over several weeks or months. There are few side effects from IPL, but a slight skin discoloration may occur. To prevent additional side effects, consider applying sun protection before going out.

With laser therapy, these unwanted spots can be erased without causing damage to your skin. The process is simple. Intense focused light is directed at the age spots and absorbed by the melanin responsible for the markings. The light is transferred into heat, destroying the pigment. Your skin will return to a clear, even coloration.

After a session, it is important to protect your skin from sun exposure while it heals. After your treatment, the spots will not return, although the continuing aging process may cause new ones to appear in similar places.

To learn more about removing age spots and to get the process started, call Clinical Aesthetics at (714) 627-5677 or contact us to make an appointment.

Age Spots Villa Park

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